Charting New Territory in Greenville

The concept behind TCT is quite simple: to provide really good beer and wine in an atmosphere that’s casual and inviting. Mike Okupinski initiated the vision, and his buddy, Ed Buffington, joined the project shortly thereafter. The two firmly believe that Greenville’s beer culture is ready for something special.

Ed and Mike have had a great time hand-picking TCT's product assortment. "There are so many great bottles out there, and a lot of them at sharp price-points – it’s an exciting time for beer and wine enthusiasts."

They’ve designed TCT’s space so that it’s a fun place to shop. Browse the shelves of specialty brews and select wines. Fill up your TCT Growler and grab a cold 6-pack to go.

"We just want to share our passion and knowledge with others. As your neighborhood guys, you’ll find us approachable, with a damn good selection of beer and wine to boot."